Simply Reset

A themed monthly digital subscription club for teachers that will bring joy to your inbox and help you reset each month!

The Simply Reset Club is a monthly digital subscription pack thoughtfully curated to reset all things organization and presentation.  Each digital pack comes filled with a minimum of five editable, high-quality resources.  Every month you will find a mix of organizational tools such as grade sheets and checklists, newsletter templates, calendars, and list tracking tools for the teacher.  You will also receive editable agenda slides to keep your classroom displays fresh, and students inspired.

Fun-filled Digital Subscription for Teachers (by a Teacher) to keep your teacher supply unique and exciting, so you are always inspired at the beginning of each month.

This Month's Simply Reset Digital Pack

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Join the Simply Reset Club and get this digital pack delivered straight to your inbox each month!

Packs may include calendars, notes, checklist and grade sheets, newsletters, agenda slides and more!  Each month will have a designated theme that relates to a holiday, color, pattern, etc.