Tools for Close Reading

Looking for a versatile tool for close reading?  Try a page protector.  Keep reading because it’s more than you think!

tools for close reading 7

Using a page protector for a printable page is pretty easy to figure out.  Give students a printable passage, place in a page protector, and you have an instant reusable surface for students to use during close reading.

What about the textbook?  Do you have a textbook that you would like to use for close reading?  You could make a copy of course, but there is an alternative that can be used over and over again and it’s an easy DIY project.

Begin with the standard page protector.  I like the ones that have the holes extended off the side.  By using these, you don’t have to worry about covering the holes.

close reading tools

Cut the side of the page protector.

tools for close reading 2
Next, place tape on the top of the page protector.  I used a Scotch brand decorative tape, but clear tape will work just as well.

tools for close reading 3tools for close reading 4

The wanna be perfectionist in me taped the bottom of the page protector also, just so it would match.  Not a necessary touch! 🙂

By cutting the side of the page protector and taping the top, students are able to slide the page protector over a textbook page and write on it.  Instead of a top loading page protector, you now have a side loading version.  It’s perfect for the standard textbook, chapter book, or picture book.  No copies needed!

tools for close reading 5

tools for close reading 6

That’s it!

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