Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop (Give-away!)

I recently had to make a Facebook switch.  It’s been a little confusing to my followers and a little nerve-racking for me, but I’m determined to make this work!  My old Facebook page had a misspelling, yes a misspelling.  Unfortunately, once a Facebook page has been named there is no changing it.  So, to make all things right I started a new page in hopes that my loyal fans will follow with me.  
As a gift to my followers, I’m having a give-away!  An autographed copy of Laura Candler’s PowerReading Workshop!
I have followed Laura Candler for about eight years now.  I have used many of her resources and have come to admire her work with cooperative learning.  Over the past few months, I have got to know Laura personally and consider her a great mentor.  Her expertise in teaching and her willingness to help teachers is profound!  Laura has graciously given me the opportunity to give away a copy of her book.
, Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop (Give-away!)
Whether you use the reading workshop approach, are thinking about it, or haven’t even given it a thought, Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop is a must have resource.  Laura begins by explaining the Power Reading Workshop, and tells you what you need to get started.  She outlines the first 10 days step-by-step for you and gives you all the tools you need to implement the workshop.  
You will find recommended read aloud book ideas, mini lessons, and ready to print graphic organizers.  Everything that you need to get started is at the touch of your fingertips. Laura’s approach is sure to get your students excited about reading!  
You can win a free autographed copy of Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop by doing TWO things.
1.  Leave a comment with your favorite read aloud.
2.  Become a Facebook fan on the NEW Cooperative Learning 365 fan page.

      A random number generator will be used to select the winning comment the day after Cooperative Learning 365 reaches 615 fans.  So, share the news!  The quicker we reach that number, the quicker the winner is announced!

Contest is closed.

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