Higher Level Thinking Skills with Task Cards

Do you ever feel like the task cards in your classroom are beginning to bore the students or, better yet, yourself?  I have known of some students who begin to remember the question and know the answer automatically.  In a case like this, we all know that the task cards are no longer beneficial to them or are they?

When I feel that students are getting bored with the task cards or we need to move onto a more challenging task, I have students create their own question for the card.  Here is an example of what we have done.

  1.  With a partner, students divide their paper into two columns.  This is their question and answer recording sheet.
  2. Student A chooses a card and one of the available answers.  They then make their own question in their column that can be answered by the given choices.
  3. Student B reads student A’s question and answers it in their column.
  4. Students switch roles and the process continues.


task card1

task card2

task card3


Students that participate in this activity are receiving not only extra practice, but they are also receiving practice using higher level thinking skills by coming up with their own questions.

Looking for math task cards?  You can find the ones above HERE.

I would love to hear about the ways you use task cards in your classroom.  Feel free to leave a comment below!

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