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Conferencing Gloves

The ONLY thing I like about packing up my room at the end of the year is it gives me a chance to organize, purge, and occasionally find something that I forgot I had.  This year I scored big!  Obviously in order to appreciate this treasure you need to be a teacher and a frugal one at that.  
Tucked away in an empty wipe box I found three pairs of work gloves.  These were not the typical work gloves; they were the ones that I wrote on about five years ago.  
We all have those students that we sit down with to conference about a book and they are stumped with what to talk about.  We want them to lead the conversation, but sometimes they need a little bit of a nudge.  By putting on a glove they have an instant choice of the conversation that they want to lead.  Not only will they have a conversation starter, they will need to identify the genre to choose the right glove and they will become familiar will the text elements that their genre encompasses.  

I made a small document that shows exactly what is on each glove.  The pictures are a little hard to see.  You can download it HERE and also by clicking the image below. 

I am excited about my new/old find.  Not only do I have an instant resource, my brain is working on other ways I can use these $1.00 a pair work gloves with other subjects.  These gloves are not going to find their way into the back of my cabinet next year; they will be out in plain sight ready for use!

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