Charting Student Fluency

For the fourth week in a row, my students can’t wait to see how many words a minute they can read!  That is exciting news my friends!

I have five students for RTI, and as you can see fluency is one of their goals.  We practice fluency throughout the week, and Friday is our test day.  They are given one minute to read a cold reading passage.  After each student reads and I calculate their words per minute, we look at their personal graph and they shade in their graph.  We also have a short discussion about what we see.

Student Fluency graph 2

Student Fluency graph 1

After all students have graphed their individual results, I average my students’ WPM.  This is recorded on “Our Fluency Graph”. They are just as excited about this as they are about their own graphs!

Fluency anchor chart

By the end of 10 weeks, we want our students to be reading as close to 99 WPM as possible.  As you can see, the star represents where we want to be.  We have a long road, but these graphs have helped encourage students and provide a great visual for each of them!

April bright ideas 2.001

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