Book Club – Part 2

Week two of our book club was a success!  We have 19 students that are extremely excited about reading 39 Clues.  I have to say, that I am just as excited!   Today, we added a little food testing into our meeting.  In the book, Skittles and Diet Coke were mentioned as a favorite.  Our kiddos had a little taste of Skittles and sorry folks, just regular Coke!  They all liked this taste test.  A little tasting of mushrooms later on may not be quite so popular.  

We have a book fair going on in our school right now.  This was a perfect opportunity to take our book club on a mini field trip.  Their mission was to look for their top five picks for our next book.  Not only did we let them in on this decision, we also helped out our library with a nice order. 


Students are posting comments on our blog, they are reading, and showing up after school to share their love for reading.  So far, it looks to be a great success!


Thanks Lori, for being such a great partner in this exciting adventure!
, Book Club – Part 2



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