5 + Ways to Use Graphic Organizers in Reading

Graphic organizers have been around forever, but do you use them to their full potential?  I know that I always haven’t, so that is why I have compiled a list of ways to use them.

1.  Reading Workshop

While doing read alouds during Reading Workshop, have students complete a graphic organizer as you are reading.  This keeps students engaged during the read aloud.

2.  Small-Group

Graphic organizers are perfect to use within small group reading.  This allows the teacher to make sure that students are using the graphic organizer correctly and can redirect as needed.

3.  Centers

Create a comprehension center where students are to read a short passage and complete a graphic organizer centered on a skill that you want them to focus on.  This is a great way to differentiate your students’ learning as well by providing each student with a graphic organizer that highlights a skill that they need to work on individually.

4.  Literature Circles

We know with literature circles, each person plays a different role.  Instead of giving them fill in the blank booklets, provide students with a corresponding graphic organizer for their role in their literature circle.

5.  Independent Reading

As an alternative, or in addition to reading response notebooks, have a collection of graphic organizers that students can complete during their independent reading.  I like to print them at 50% so that they can be glued into composition notebooks.

6.  Content Reading

Graphic organizers are great reading in the content areas, as well.

7.  Variety of Texts

Graphic organizers can be used with any text.  From short passages to picture books to chapter books.  Consider having students use organizers when watching videos, especially if they are related to content areas such as Science and Social Studies.  The possibilities are endless! You can grab a few of my favorite differentiated graphic organizers below!

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