The Best Build Your Own Teacher Planner

Are you overwhelmed with all the teacher planner options? Are you looking for the perfect planner but can’t find it? Maybe you need some of its contents but not all of them, and you don’t want to pay for what you won’t use.

Look no further! Now you can build your own teacher binder and pay for only what you want!  That’s right!!!  Build Your Own Binder!  It’s not just any binder, it’s the new and improved Teacher Binder that you can build yourself!  I am so excited about this and think that you will be too!

The Best Teacher Planner – Core Teaching Binder

Start with the Core Binder. The Core Edition contains core contents to help you be successful as a teacher. It doesn’t have the fluff, just the essentials.

The Core Binder is updated yearly for FREE! It includes two different calendar layouts: a one-page and a two-page option. It also consists of A Peek at the Week and A Peek at the Year planning pages.

In addition, there is an entire year’s worth of pre-dated lesson plan pages and they are so versatile they will meet everyone’s needs! If you go to school year round or teach summer school, your dates are covered!

You can choose to have subjects on top or side. Premade pages are available for 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 subjects. All columns and rows can be added to, deleted, or resized! If these don’t work, you can delete the tables, start from scratch, and make your own!

Printable teacher planner with updates for life



Digital teacher planner with updates for life

Also, the Core Edition includes 41+ Binder Cover themes with matching spines providing you with 1,500 different design options!!  New binder covers are added yearly to keep up with current trends. Take a peek at a handful of options below!

The Core Binder may be all that you need, and it comes with some pretty amazing perks!

Build Your Own Teacher Planner

Here is where the Build Your Own Binder gets exciting!  You can literally build your binder by purchasing only the items that you know you will use.  There are seven options!

Digital Teacher Planner Sticker

This digital sticker pack includes 150+ stickers and can be used in a variety of ways! For planner inspiration, take a look at this blog post: Five Tips to Take Your Teacher Binder From Drab to Fab.


Digital stickers for teacher planner

***New Summer of 2023: 150+ Editable Digital Stickers with step-by-step directions to customize and to match your color scheme!***

Build your own teacher binder from Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

Teacher Planner Grade Book

You may call me old school, but I always keep a hard copy of my grade book.


The grade book pages include:

  • EDITABLE versions of ALL files
  • Color AND black and white versions of ALL files
  • 1-Page Grade Book Option
  • 2-Page Grade Book Option
  • Blank and premade headers are provided, but you can edit each header to meet your own individual needs!

Teacher Planner Student Information Forms

The student information sheets will help you get organized and stay on top of student information, including contact info, birthdays, transportation, parent communication, tech use, and more!


Teacher Planner To-Do Lists & Note

Make organization as a teacher easier with these to-do lists & notes! With various to-do list and note taking options, you can be sure to stay on top of your tasks.

This pack includes:

  • 10 various to-do list
  • 6 note taking options

Teacher Planner Organization Forms

Keep yourself organized with these teacher organization forms! Everything you need from keeping track of your own usernames and passwords to tracking what standards you have taught is at your fingertips!

Forms included:

  • Classroom volunteers
  • While you were out
  • Usernames & passwords
  • Special class schedule
  • Safety procedures
  • Meeting notes
  • Contacts
  • Professional development
  • Standards checklist (K-6)

Substitute Binder

Have everything your sub needs at their fingertips with the sub binder. Organize it at the beginning of the year, and make necessary changes throughout the year, leaving you ready for a substitute all year!

Student Tracking & Data Forms

Keep track of your intervention data and summarize a student’s IEP on the IEP at-a-glance so that you can easily track each student’s needs with the student tracking and data forms.

Editable forms for tracking interventions and IEPs


Build your own binder from Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

Teacher to-do lists and note taking pages

Teacher organization forms

Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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