Interactive Math Vocabulary

Another interactive math notebook???  It is, yes, but I have a purpose and a very good one!

This past year I taught Title I Math for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.  My students had an interactive notebook that we kept up with all year long.  What I struggled with, which is what I struggled with in the regular classroom, is time.  The interactive notebooks that I used were GREAT, but I needed something that was consistent, easy to use, and quick.  So, the teacher/creator in me thought about this all year long.  How could I implement an interactive math notebook that was not only useful, but consistent, easy to use, and time efficient?

Interactive Math Vocabulary Collage2

After a lot of thought, practice and research, I decided that an Interactive Math Vocabulary was my answer!

Math Vocabulary
Think Math


So, here is the “rationale”! 😉

Each interactive notebook contains vocabulary words that are specific to each grade level.  Of course, some words overlap creating a continuum between grade levels.

Interactive Math Vocabulary 18

Each and every vocabulary flap contains the same information.  This will create consistency.  By creating consistency, students will know exactly what they need to do in order to complete the flap and focus on what is important, the skill that they are learning.

Each flap contains three parts:

  1. Math Vocabulary Word
  2. Illustration
  3. Definition

Interactive Math Vocabulary6

In order to make the vocabulary interactive, students are required to complete three parts under the given flap:

Interactive Math Vocabulary8
  1. Explain it! :  This is where students are encouraged to explain the word in a way that make sense to them.  This could be words, pictures, or numbers.  We want them to make the word make sense!!
  2. Here’s How it Works! :  This is where students apply the word and how it works mathematically.  I want my students to provide examples that they can refer to later.
  3. How Might This Be Used in the Real Word?:  I want my students to think about math beyond the classroom.  Make a connection to the real world.  How might they use this in real life?  This is where we have discussions on why or where we may use our math in our world.  Then they record it.

Interactive Math Vocabulary 19

When I ask my 5th grade students to find the greatest common factor for 5 and 6, they will look for the vocabulary word “greatest common factor”, look at their example and be able to find the GCF for 5 &6.

This is my solution to creating an interactive math notebook that is useful, consistent, easy to use, and time efficient!

You can find the Interactive Math Vocabulary Notebooks for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade by clicking the images below.

Interactive Math Vocabulary for 3rd Grade
Interactive Math Vocabulary for 3rd Grade


Interactive Math Vocabulary for 4th Grade
Interactive Math Vocabulary for 4th Grade


Interactive Math Vocabulary for 5th Grade
Interactive Math Vocabulary for 5th Grade

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