Amazing Race Test Prep Edition

My students are excited about test prep!  Yep, you read that right!  They are excited!  How is that so?  Want to know more?  Read on my friends!

Test Prep + Engaging + Exciting + Routine = Amazing Race Test Prep Edition

ALL Components are provided in a digital and printable format!

What does it mean to be provided in digital and printable format?  This resources was originally created as a printable resource, all components were printable.  With the rise of technology, this resource now includes digital components for ALL pieces.  Every piece is Google Classroom ready with self grading Google Forms and digital partner games, performance tasks, and choice boards using Google Slides.  Be sure to check out the preview HERE to learn more!

Amazing Race Test Prep Edition includes six pieces.  To begin with, I administer the Amazing Race Diagnostic.  It is a bit lengthy because each and every standard is tested.  Depending on the grade level, there is a total of 30-42 problems for students to solve.  Some standards have multiple problems such as adding and subtracting fractions.  If they can add fractions, but are unable to subtracting them correctly the pretest will show that.

I use the student tracking sheet to record what my students DID NOT perform adequately on.  The checklist aligns perfectly to the diagnostic.  I place a check in the box that the student needs practice.  If they answer the problem correctly on the pretest, I leave it blank.

The next part is a little tedious, but once it’s done things run smoothly.  As a result of the pretest, students are given a predetermined route.  This is the route they MUST take before being able to choose where they go.  These are the standards that they need practice in.  All student’s predetermined route may vary.  Their route is designed specifically to their needs.  I always have that one or maybe two that passed the pretest with flying colors.  In this case, I either choose a couple of standards that I want them to focus on or simply allow them to begin on their own.

Once the predetermined routes are set, students create their route info.

Each student is given a license to participate.  I like to have a real picture to place on the license.  Another option is for the student to draw their own picture.  Students complete the information.  The team name is my last name.  We are Team Neal.

The License to Participate, predetermined route, and route info cards are put together on a loose-leaf binder ring.  I have a special bulletin board that students return their route info card set to every day after the race.  This keeps them from getting lost and torn up.

I usually spend a day or two going over expectations and route info.  I find it’s better to build a solid foundation to begin with.  That way I don’t have to go back and fix things later.  The included poster is displayed in our room as a reminder of what the race is all about.  It’s not a typical race where we see who can beat who, rather a race of endurance, teamwork, and becoming stronger and more confident than you were when you started.

Next, we go over each course.  I refer to each standard as a course.  For example, if students are working on NBT.1, they will be working on the place value course.  Students must go in this order.  If they don’t get through an entire course, their route will begin where they left off.  They will then continue the course in this order.

–>  Pit Stop – In small groups, this is where students will receive guided instruction or be able to ask questions that they have about something they have been working on during the race.  I meet with some students every day while others I may only meet with every other day.  We will take a look at their logs and reflect.

–>  Refuel – students will practice the standard that is on their predetermined route or a standard of their choice if they are to that point by playing Spin & Answer.

–>  Endurance – Once students have refueled by playing Spin & Answer, they move onto Endurance.   This is where they will complete the “practice up” printable.

–>  Detour – While the other courses were exact answer practice, the Detour is where students will take what they have learned and show what they know through a performance task.  Students are required to use pictures, numbers, or words to explain how they solved the problem.

–>  Road Block – Students have completed everything for a specific standard.  They have received a lot of support and practice.  Now is the time for them to test out.  They take the multiple choice test to be able to move onto another standard.  In order for them to be able to move on, I require that they get at least 3 out of 4 correct.

–>  Cruise Control – I use this for students that are in between courses or have completed all courses.  The Think-Tac-Toe re-enforces the standards within each domain while giving students yet another choice in their learning route.


 Management Tips

Printing all this stuff!!!!

This file contains over 300 pages!  If I were to print every single page for every single student, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t receive the “go green” award for the year.

Here is how I reduce copying:

Spin & Answer

I print 2-3 copies of each of the Spin & Answer games.  These are placed in page protectors or laminated.  Students can take them to their seat or use them in the station that is provided.

For the recording sheet, I provide students with a blank copy of the board (this is provided for you),  and then place it in a page protector or laminate it for students to record their answers on.

Practice-up/Test Out/Performance Tasks

I have placed these in page protectors also and had students write their answers in their Amazing Race log (this is provided for you as an option too)

I have also printed two sheets per page.  You can do this in Adobe by going to Print > Page Size & Handling > Multiple > Pages per sheet (2).  This allows students to be able to write on the sheet and take home if necessary.

Grading Practices

All answer keys are left in a binder for students to self check their work.  I do not grade them myself.  We use this time for students to self reflect.  If you use the Amazing Race Test Prep Edition Log for students to reflect, there is a space for them to write what they have done well on and/or need additional assistance with.

Amazing Race Test Prep Management Tip
Completing a Course

Once students have completed an entire course and received a 3 out of 4 on their “test out”, I will use a hole punch to punch a hole in their route info card.  This simply states that they have completed the course with success.

Amazing Race Test Prep Completing the Race
Everything you see above is included in the Amazing Race Test Prep Editions for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade.  You can learn more by clicking your grade appropriate edition below.


Test Prep + Engaging + Exciting + Routine = Amazing Race Test Prep Edition

Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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