10 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts

Getting your students to practice multiplication facts can be a challenge.  I have compiled 10 ways to practice multiplication facts, that my students have enjoyed.

1.  Use the traditional flashcards to play a game of Sparkle, multiplication style.

2.  Students roll two dice, then multiply the 2 numbers they rolled together.

3.  Create a memory game–one card contains the factors, the other contains the product.

4.  Dominoes-students draw a domino that is face down.  They multiply the dots on either side of the domino together.

5.  Play Pick-a-Card with a set of flashcards.

6.  Number Draw-no materials needed except your fingers!

7.  Play Ask-n-Switch which is a whole class game using flashcards.

8.  Multiplication War with a deck of cards.  Students each draw two cards, then multiply them together.  The student with the largest product wins the round.

9.  Math Poke-A-Fact.

10.  Multiples pyramid-students practice writing the first 10 multiples (or amount of your choice) for a given number.

Other Resources

A go-to resource for practicing multiplication and division facts! The Multiplication & Division Facts Toolkit provides you with everything you need to keep students practicing those facts


What’s Included

Multiplication & Division Books – Introduce students to multiplication & division strategies using the multiplication and division books. They are great practice and provide students with a reference tool they can refer back to.

Multiplication Fact Cards – Includes all facts 0-12 and answer cards. The fact cards can also be used with the answer cards to play a game of memory, go fish, and any other game you can come up with.

Division Fact Cards – Just like the multiplication flashcards, all facts for the numbers 0-12 are included with answer cards.

Multiplication & Division Practice –Printable multiplication and division practice are provided for all facts. Each printable page includes 3 versions and focuses on multiplying or dividing by the same number. Also, included is 6 different versions of mixed facts practice.

Multiplication & Division Fact Sheets – A reference tool for the teacher, parents, and students.

Multiplication & Division Clip Cards – Great for extra practice and perfect for centers.

Multiplication & Division Tic-Tac-Toe Boards – Another great for practice and perfect for centers game! A total of 39 tic-tac-toe boards and playing chips are included too!

Click HERE to download the Multiplication & Division Facts Toolkit

Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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