Grade 3-5 Math Bundle

Below you will find a complete description of all products within 3-5 End-of-the Year Math Bundle.  The bundle is only on sale until March 29 ONLY!!

Multidigit Multiplication Reveal a  Picture Boom Cards™ Bundle

Value: $12.00 – Digital

 This sweet treat-themed Reveal a  Picture Boom Card™ deck for  reviewing multidigit multiplication is NO  PREP, NO FUSS! Students multiply a  multidigit whole number (2, 3 and 4  digit) by a 1 digit factor and click on  the correct product to slowly reveal  a mystery scene.


Mystery Number Bundle

Value: $14.00 – Printable & Digital

 This bundle includes 120 mystery  number activities for 2, 3, 4, and 5  digit numbers as well as fractions  and decimals! In each activity, your  students will use the clues to  eliminate numbers and figure out  which one is the mystery number.  Digital and print versions included.


Computation Review Pack  

Value: $10.50 – Printable & Digital  

This comprehensive bundle features a variety of resources for reviewing  multi-digit addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and division. It includes  4 puzzles, 2 mazes (digital and  printable), 32 task cards (digital and  printable), 2 scavenger hunts (digital  and printable), scratch paper, record  sheets, and answer keys. It’s  perfect for advanced fourth  graders and fifth graders.


4th Grade Math Word Wall

Value: $12.00 – Printable & Digital  

This math word wall covers 4th grade curriculum topics and comes in both print and digital form.  The digital version is a Google Slides file that can be shared with students as they reflect on their year of learning.


Digital Computation Review Bundle

Value: $17.00 – Digital  

This bundle consists of 10 digital resources allowing students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Files include:  6 sets of Boom Cards, 3 Google Sheets and 1 Google Slide.


Operations with Fractions  Flash Card Super Set

Value: $11.00 – Printable

Students practice and review  fraction operations in this fun,  easy-to-use flash card super set.  Printable and PowerPoint versions  included for whole-class or station  use. 250+ slides! Ready in minutes!  Negative number extensions  included for accelerated learners!


Missing Numbers Multiplication Puzzles

Value: $10.00 – Printable & Digital

These missing number multiplication  task cards add a twist of problem-  solving to make practice more  effective and engaging! Students will  have to use their critical thinking skills  to solve these multiplication puzzles.  Great for math workstations or small  group instruction.


Fractions Self-Grading Quiz Bundle – 4th Grade

Value: $10.00 – Digital

Need a digital way for your  students to practice, review, and  assess their fraction knowledge?  Great review of all 4th grade  fraction objectives. Perfect for  distance learning, math centers,  quick checks, and even formative  assessments!


3rd Grade Area & Perimeter  Boom Cards Bundle

Value: $21.00 – Digital

Use these digital, self-grading,  interactive BOOM DECK TASK CARDS to  help your students master AREA and  PERIMETER! This bundle includes 8  centers that cover finding area by  counting, tiling, and multiplying sides  lengths. It also includes word  problems, finding the area of  rectangular and rectilinear shapes,  and sorting challenges.


5th Grade Math Sort Bundle

Value: $12.00 –Printable

In these 5th grade math sorts, students sort cards based on their answers. Once sorted, students can flip them over and unscramble the funny words and phrases on the back!


Fraction MEGA Bundle

Value: $25.00 – Printable

Included in this bundle are 16 sets  of task cards, activities, games,  and interactive tools to help your  kiddos learn and review fractions.  These activities range from  equivalent fraction task cards to an  interactive fraction flip book. The  materials in this bundle are perfect  for grades 3-4, and a wonderful  review for 5th grade!


Addition, Subtraction,  Multiplication & Division Review  Games

Value: $21.00 – Printable

These games aim to motivate  students to practice basic operations  in a fun and exciting way. You can use  the game boards for group/pair  activities and the students can play  against each other or cooperate to  win. You can also use them as fun  worksheets, for homework,  assessment, and more.


Self-Checking Clip Cards  Bundle

Value: $10.50 –  Printable

Self-Checking Clip Cards will save  you so much time and fully engage  your students by giving them  immediate feedback as they  independently practice three  important math skills with 24 unique  problems. This includes the following  4th grade topics: classifying angles,  factors and multiples, and place  value of multi-digit numbers.


Decimal Operations Bundle

Value: $13.50 – Printable & Digital

This bundle includes paper and  digital resources to help teach  students about operations with  decimals. There are 10 interactive  notebook foldables and a paper  maze. Plus 2 digital mystery  pictures on decimal division and  operations with decimals.


Elapsed Time Game & Task Cards Bundle

Value: $11.95 – Printable & Digital

This bundle includes 3 products  designed to help students master  elapsed time problems. Racing  Through Elapsed Time is an exciting  review game. The Boom Cards and  Google Slides task cards can be  used for additional practice or  assessment.


Fraction Games Mega Pack

Value: $12.00 – Printable

Fraction Games Mega Pack was born  out of the need to make teachers  lives easier while ALSO implementing  11 different activities using the same  cards throughout. These activities  can be used over and over to  practice all fraction concepts, for  remediation, and allow students to  demonstrate their understanding of  all the concepts in your grade level!


Decimal Operations Bingo  Bundle

Value: $15.35 – Printable

The product includes 3 class sets of  bingo games- adding and subtracting  decimals, multiplying decimals and  dividing decimals. This is a fun and  engaging way to review all decimal  operations and get students excited  about math! Each set includes 30  Bingo cards, 25 calling cards (can be  used as task cards), recording sheet  and answer keys.


Computation Review Pack

Value: $10.50 – Printable & Digital

This comprehensive bundle features a variety of resources for reviewing multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It includes 4 puzzles, 2 mazes (digital and printable), 32 task cards (digital and printable), 2 scavenger hunts (digital and printable), scratch paper, record sheets, and answer keys. It’s perfect for advanced fourth graders and fifth graders.


3rd Grade Math Scavenger  Hunt Bundle

Value: $12.00 – Printable

Get your kids up and moving with  this collection of review scavenger  hunts! Each hunt includes 10  problems for kids to solve around  the room as well as additional  independent practice worksheets  to use as homework or  assessment.


Open Ended Math Tasks

Value: $10.80 – Printable & Digital

After a year of math learning, it’s  the perfect time for students to  apply what they have learned to  real-world situations! These open-  ended tasks are perfect–they  challenge students to really USE  math, to think deeply, and to apply  all the problem solving strategies  they have in their math “toolbox”!


5th Grade Math Review

Value: $10.00 – Printable & Digital

This product reviews math concepts  students need to have mastered in  5th grade. It can be used as an end  of the year review or assigned to  students over the summer as extra  practice in preparation for the  following year. Includes an editable  end of the year pixel art that can be  edited for a fun math review.


5th Grade Math Color by  Number Bundle

Value: $12.00 – Printable & Digital

This set of Grade 5 Math color by  number resources has both print and  digital options for you! This bundle  includes these FIVE popular, easy-  prep resources: Addition and  Subtraction of Fractions (unlike  denominators), Comparing Decimals,  Decimal Multiplication, Multi-Digit  Multiplication, Rounding Decimals.


Fractions Assessment &  Interventions

Value: $24.00 – Printable & Digital

The Fraction Interventions and  Assessments has everything you  need to implement Math Interventions  for Fractions in your classroom! The  bundle contains six components.  Components include Fraction  interventions for 3rd, 4th, and 5th and  progress monitoring assessments  for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.


National Park Road Trip Project

Value: $10.00 – Printable & Digital

Pack your bags for an epic 7-day  road trip! Use video instruction and all  four operations to plan a route  across the USA, what car gets the  best gas mileage and even the best  options for stopping for rest, food  and lodging. Students will have a blast  planning their trip while reviewing  operations with and without decimals.  Videos & differentiation options are  provided for learning support.


Place Value Review Bundle

Value: $15.00 – Printable & Digital

This bundle contains 5 levels of place  value understanding with 20 pages  for each level covering 3 and 4-digit  place value, multi-digit place value, and  decimals. Multiple question types and  activities help students develop a  deeper understanding of place value  concepts. These practice pages  make excellent end-of year review  and provide a quick way to assess  students’ understanding.


Multiplication Color By Number

Value: $12.25 – Printable

Multiply numbers with this monthly  color by number resource. Get  fourteen color by number pages,  each focusing on multiplication for  year-long practice and fun. Students  multiply numbers mainly 0 through 12  in order to solve the problems and  color the picture in correctly.


Mystery Number Bundle

Value: $14.00 -Printable & Digital

This bundle includes 120 mystery number activities for 2, 3, 4, and 5 digit numbers as well as fractions and decimals! In each activity, your students will use the clues to eliminate numbers and figure out which one is the mystery number. Digital and print versions included.


Word Problems Activity Bundle

Value: $16.50 -Printable 

These activities are a great way for 4th and 5th grade students to practice those tricky word problems! Students will practice fractions, mixed numbers, multiplicative relationships, multi-step problems, and reading and writing whole numbers.


4th Grade Test Prep Bundle

Value: $24.00 -Printable & Digital 

This is a set of thirteen one page quizzes that are aligned with the rigor of the TEKS and the CCSS, both in form and in content. They may be used as a quick check of the standards for re-teaching or for review before the big test in the spring. It also includes answer documents for all quizzes. The file contains both PDF and link to the Google Forms that are self checking.


End of Year Fraction Fun

Value: $12.00 -Printable & Digital

Beach ball fraction task cards are a fun way to introduce or review some big ideas! This bundle also includes Google Slides choice boards filled with games to keep 3rd, 4th and 5th graders engaged until the last day of school