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Are you looking for an all in one place to read your favorite blogs?  It’s nice to have a go to source to easily find the blogs that you love without having to remember where you have them bookmarked, pinned, written down.  You get the gist.

Bloglovin is a place that can help you organize, keep track of, and follow your favorite blogs on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android!

There are a lot of new things coming to Teaching With Simplicity, and I don’t want you to miss out on the new and very exciting things, so I hope that you consider keeping us at your fingertips!

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Laura Candler from Corkboard Connections is hosting a Blog Hunt, so if you are looking for more great teaching blogs, head her direction!  Are you ready to go on a blog hunt?  The bear button below will get you started.  I guarantee you will find some amazing blogs to follow!

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