Go Green with Cooperative Learning! - Mandy Neal

Go Green with Cooperative Learning!

I am beginning a Go Green series.  By going green I will share ways to use cooperative learning in the classroom by cutting back on copies that you make and/or eliminating paper altogether.  There are so many ways to go green, and I can’t wait to share!

Multiples have been on my mind lately.  This is something that my students should know, but it so important that I want to reinforce.  Today I had a few extra minutes, so we did Four Corners.  Before I told them what we were doing, I wrote four numbers on the board (3,5,6, and 10).  Then, they were to pick a number and write it on a sticky note.  I then appointed each number a corner of the room in which they were to locate to.  Once they were in their corner, they found a partner and said the first ten multiples of their number in a popcorn fashion. 

This was a last minute idea with no preparation needed, and my students reviewed their multiples!  Easy, effective, and energizing!  

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