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write n pass learning strategy

Write ‘n’ Pass

Write ‘n’ Pass is a cooperative learning strategy that gets students responding and writing with partners.  There are many, many ways to use Write ‘n’

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teaching blog addict

Exciting News

I am excited to announce that I am now a contributing author for Teaching Blog Addict!!.  I have been a fan of TBA for quite

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sentence sort - distinguishing from fragments

Sentence or Fragment?

We have been distinguishing between complete sentences and fragments this week. Students have been writing and also identifying them in context. I created a sentence

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anchor chart for reading or writing

Anchor Charts

I am crazy about anchor charts! About five years ago I was introduced to the idea, and I have been hooked every since.  Starting at the

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Can I stump you??

Last week I wanted my students to practice identifying and writing complete sentences.  Modeling first, I wrote two complete sentences and one fragment. Example:  

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