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     Respect.  I truly believe that respect is the key to creating a caring classroom.  I treat my students with respect.  It’s that simple for me.  Respect is reciprocal.  I believe 100% that if you treat your students with respect they will in turn respect you. 
     The first day of school is prime time for beginning respect.  Not only do I want my students to respect me, I want them to respect each other.  The first couple of days for me consist of teambuilding and classbuilding activities.  I don’t have “rules” in my classroom, I have expectations.  When we do teambuilding and classbuilding activities, my students know that I expect them to treat each other with respect.  They are expected to include EVERYONE.  This mindset works for me and for my students. 
     Find a Buddy Who Back to School Bingo is a classbuilding activity that I do on the first day of school.  From day one my students are interacting with each other and EVERYONE is included. 
You can download this free activity here:
, Back To School Freebie
Laura Candler at Corkboard Connections has a Caring Classroom Link Up.  There are some fabulous ideas, tips, and activities waiting for you!  Click the Caring Classroom Badge to be taken to her blog.
, Back To School Freebie

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