Having a Recycle Bin is a Must

Welcome back for day four of the 12 Simple Habits for an Organized Classroom series!  Today’s tip sounds not so organizational, but I assure you it has a very important purpose!


This recycle bin is only for me.  I only empty it four or five times during the school year, and it only contains extra copies of what I have used in my classroom.  This particular recycle bin isn’t for scrap pieces of paper.


Here is what I do….

This recycle bin stays behind my desk.  I typically make at least one extra copy of everything, because we all know those unfortunate events tend to occur where we need just one more copy.  After I have passed out the worksheets, notes, newsletters, etc. to students, I place whatever I have left inside this bin.


I typically keep these copies for at least one full quarter.  At that time, I send all the unused copies to the true recycle box to be recycled.

How this helps me with organization:

  1. I have one place for all those stray papers.
  2. The number of times I have to run to the copy machine for one copy is seriously reduced.
  3. I have copies for those students that were absent and lost their assignment at my fingertips.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you how I reduce my workload dramatically!


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