Of course, you have to have a list!  What better way to stay organized and on task?!?!


I have been guilty of keeping my list in my mind and thinking that I will remember to do this or that.  Of course, I will remember….until I can’t remember!  Sound familiar?

What I like about making a list is that when a task is complete, I have the satisfaction of marking it off.  Then I can look back at all the work I accomplished.  It makes me feel, well, accomplished!

Here is an example of my Things to Do list.

, Make a List

I like the layout of this one because, for me, it’s a working list.  Each week I start fresh with a new list.  There are some items that I do every single week, which should be a habit, but I still place them on my list to keep myself on task.  For example, Thursday is the day I work on lesson plans for the upcoming week.  Yep, I put that on my things to do list.  On Friday, I update our classroom blog for parents to see, so I put that on the list every week also.

My list is always in a place where I can see it.  It keeps me moving forward!

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If you are looking for additional organizational forms, calendars, or planning pages, be sure to check out the All-in-One Teacher Binder HERE.

, Make a List

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